Friday, May 27, 2011

Oh hi there!

Hi, you probably followed a link from one of the blogs (maybe We Love DC?) that's been covering the upcoming 3 Chord Comedy show.

Since I haven't updated in forever, and the first couple pages are mostly plugs, I've selected some of my favorite posts for you. Try these, friend:

Spider-Man Begins

Things I'm Not Supposed to Like (or: If Wrasslin' is Fake, I Don't Wanna be Real)

Top 5 Favorite Suicides

Top 20 Movie Deaths, Prt. 1

And Prt. 2

And less morbid:

A Post About Aminals

Thanks for stoppin' by! Let's hang out more!

1 comment:

Ryan L Freed said...

Good to know you still know that you still have a blog. I'm still reading. So don't make any jokes about my mother. :)